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OKION Support - As Important As The Product Itself - These are not just words printed at the bottom of our brochure. We are dedicated to providing the best support possible to our valued customers.

If you cannot find solution to your specific problem, please submit any technical support questions about your current OKION product via our online form. For any non-technical questions, or to learn more about OKION, please contact us at the contact information here.

What's new at Support Centre
2010-2011 Vista Drivers Update available for WA141U Sight(TM) Pocket USB Webcam
  Vista Drivers Update available for ML234UP Delimer(TM) Pocket Laser Mouse with Retractable Cable.
  Vista Drivers Update available for MP4 Ottowa(TM) wireless presenter mouse.
  Drivers Update available for Multimedia keyboard KM157UP, KM159UP, and KM224UP
  Vista Drivers Update available for APH4U Comeo(TM) USB phone. It includes USB support on Vista platform
  Vista Drivers Update available for WA series. It includes support for WA127U Observer(TM), WA134U GeoEye(TM), and WA144U Trave(TM) mobile webcam
  Vista Drivers Update available for ML series
  Vista Drivers Update available online at okion.com/support
  OKION has just released the updated driver for HE series IDE harddisk enclosure for XP service pack 2
  Model Name: all HE series HDD enclosure
Catalog: Mobile Data Storage
Parts No.: all HE series
Platform: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP; Mac OS; Linux
Download it here

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