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OKION Armed™ DESKTOP™ Desktop PC Security Kit
Serious Security Solution for Desktop PC security • Locking Desk-top PC including PC cases, monitor, mouse, keyboard • with Optional Housing (sold separately) more hardwares can be attached and secured
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A total serious security solution for your computer system investment! Introducing OKION Armed(TM) DESKTOP(TM) Desktop PC Security Kit! No more fear of leaving the PC system, monitor, mouse, keyboard, or other hardware equipments (such as printer, scanner) etc, unattended and avoid possible stealing for thief. With the PC security kit especially designed for desktop PC, it enables an ultimate reliable lock guarding protection to physically secure your computing assets. The kit consists of 200cm loop around galvanized stainless steel cable with a detachable key lock, a chassis screw-mounted lock adapter for the system case, a security slot adapter with mice/keyboard cable trap, and two set of key.

Features & Advantages

Multiple Equipments Key Locking System for Desktop PC, Projector, LCD Monitor, and other Hardware Devices

•  DESKTOP version with detachable cable design for locking multiple equipments by threading the cable, perfect for security protection for LCD/CRT monitor, keyboard, mice and other hardware with integrated security slot
•  High performance and reliable security by - 4.8mm galvanized steel cable, detachable cable/key lock, screw-mounted adapter, security slot cable trap adapter that loop around and tighten up the secured devices
•  Component includes:
for PC case security: screw-mounted PC case locking adapter
for LCD/CRT monitor security: 4.8mm cable with detachable cable/key lock, length adjustable to tighten up monitor’s leg
for Mice & Keyboard: Security slot cable trap adapter
•  Two identical keys - one for backup purpose in case of lost key
•  Multi-purpose security slot adapter supports and compatible with the industry-standard security lock slot integrated with most LCD monitor, projector and other hardware equipments
•  Nickle plated lock housing for toughest protection over your valuable computers, LCD monitors, printers, projectors (built with security lock slot)

•  Lock Type: Key Lock
•  Material: Galvanized, vinyl coated, stainless steel
•  Accessories: Screw-mounted PC case locking adapter, Security slot cable trap adapter
•  Cable Thickness: 4.8 (mm)
•  Cable Length: 200 (cm)
•  System requirement: screw-mounted PC casing, and hardwares with integrated security lock slot
Package includes:

•  200cm length Security Cable
•  Detachable Cable Key Lock
•  2 * set key
•  1 * screw-mounted lock adapter
•  1 * security slot adapter
•  User-Manual


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