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Camera & Camcorder 3-in-1 Compact Cleaning Kit
Portable cleaning solution for camera and camcorder • Compact size for mobility and easy storage • Anti-Run, Anti-Static cleaning fluid • Compact design with hair brush and micro fiber pad • Special micro fiber clothing pouch included
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The OKION's Digital Camera & DV 3-in-1 Compact Cleaning Kit is a portable cleaning solution professionaly designed for digital camera and video camcorder users offering the ability to apply cleaning care to their portable electronics devices while on the road. It is a perfect pocket-size kit for cleaning the camera's (or camcorder's) body, lens, buttons, LCD screen. This kit includes a foldable hair brush, a micro fiber pad, a cleaning gel, and the micro fiber clothing (pouch), for which they can be all packed together nicely and yet very compact to store inside any camera bag or laptop case. The special formulated cleaning fluid is included to remove dust, dirt, small particles, and fingerprints.

Package includes:

•  Anti-run, anti-static cleaning gel - Effectively cleaning the LCD and CRT screen, removing dust, dirt, oil, small particles, fingerprints, and etc.
•  Foldable Cleaner Set - Foldable hair brush and foldable micro fiber pad are built at two sides of the set for camera body, lens, buttons, and LCD screen
•  Micro Fiber Cloth (Pouch) - included for cleaning camera body, and the perfect pouch design makes it a nice storage for travelling


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