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PenVision™ Note Taking Mobile Digital Pen
Notes taking digitally, capture handwriting and store inside receiver's internal memory • Work on any surface and pain papers • Take notes without computer, storing over 50 A4 papers • Sync notes with PC for future viewing, email, printing and many more • Features two modes - notes-taking mode and mouse mode
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Introducing OKION's PenVision(TM) Note Taking Mobile Digital Pen - An innovative mobile wireless notes taking device for capturing and storing your handwrittings digitally without computer. The PenVision(TM) Note Taking Digital Pen is ideal for users to capture their hand written notes and stored inside the receiver's internal memory with capacity up to over 50 A4 sized pages for future use. Thanks to the latest patented technology combining ultrasound and infrared technologies, enables the accurate tracking and positioning system to tracks the movement of the pen.

The PenVision(TM) Kit includes the digital pen and memory receiver unit. No special paper is required and the users write on the pain paper will be stored. At home or office, the user can connect the wireless receiver via the included USB cable to the PC and uploading/managing the saved notes.

While connecting to the PC or Mac, users can switch the device between 'Note-Taking' mode and 'Mouse' mode. In Note-Taking mode users can write the note and simultaneously be shown on the screen. In Mouse mode, the digital pen will behave as a mouse allowing cursoring/hovering, right and left mouse button clicking.

Features & Advantages

•  Digitalize your handwritting, no special notepad nor special papers needed
•  Capture all your handwrittings from any surface, and store over 50 A4 pages in the wireless receiver's memory for future use
•  Support 'Notes Taking' mode and 'Mouse' mode
•  Support PC and Mac
•  Note Taking Mode
- no PC required, the handwritting notes, drawings, sketches will be stored inside the receiver's memory. Once PC is connected all digital notes will be transferred to the PC with the included software for viewing, editing, printing, and many more
- Alternatively it can be connected to the PC for real-time notes taking functionality, what you write will immediately be shown on the screen
•  Mouse Mode
- When the receiver is connected to the PC, it can be switched to 'Mouse' mode - pen's 2 mouse buttons and hovering functionalities are activiated. It simply acts as an real-time input device
•  LCD display for status
•  Power saving feature available with Sleep mode after 10 minutes idle
•  No external power required, receiver includes rechargeable battery
Package includes:

•  Digital Pen
•  Wireless Notes Receiver
•  USB cable
•  Carrying Box (or Pouch)
•  1 x GP SR41 battery
•  1 x Ink Refill
•  Quick User's Guide
•  Driver and Manual CD
•  User-Manual (Optional)


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