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High Speed USB+Ethernet enabled Mini Docking Station
Docking station saves time to access three peripherals and the Internet by one USB plug • Rotatable USB ports • Support PC and Mac
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Introducing OKION's High Speed USB+Ethernet enabled Mini Docking Station - one simple plug of USB and instantly let you access upto 3 perpherals and the Internet without hassle. This mini docking station is ideal for the laptop users to quickly connect to their USB mouse, keyboard, external harddrive, flash memory; and after all, even the high speed Internet. Not to mention a power adapter is included inside package for USB devices requiring more power such as printer, scanner, etc.

Features & Advantages

•  Quick and easy way to connect upto 3 USB peripherals and the Internet
•  Save time - Simply access USB peripherals and internet with one plug of USB to the notebook and desktop PC or Mac
•  Integrating 3 highspeed USB ports and 1 RJ45 ethernet port
•  Rotatable USB ports for cable connection management
•  Ethernet port (10/100mbps) for speedy broadband internet connection
•  Power adapter included in package for USB printers, scanners, etc.
•  Compact portable design for mobile computing
•  Plug-and-Play
•  Support PC and Mac


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