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High Speed PC/Mac cross-platform File Share Cable
Simply Plug it in for easy files transfer • Support PC and Mac • Simple solution for upgrading from PC to Mac, or files sharing between 2 mac • Software integrated inside cable for PnP operation
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Files transfer between two computers made easy with OKION's High Speed PC/Mac cross-platform File Share Cable. With the integrated Easy Suite software, this cable offers you the quickest solution to transfer files such as MP3, multimedia, document between two computers with just a plug of USB. Supporting PC and Mac, you can easily transfer files, such as important document, e-mail, multimedia, MP3, from PC-to-PC, PC-to-Mac, Mac-to-PC, or Mac-to-Mac. Finally the highspeed cable is USB2.0 compliant, giving you the ability to transfer files at a high speed upto 480 Mbps.

Features & Advantages

•  File share cable supports PC, Mac for easy files transfer and backup
•  Designed for PC to PC, PC to Mac, or Mac to Mac files transfer and backup
•  Perfect for tranferring files between Desktop and Laptop computers, moving files such as music, video, documents, etc.
•  Software integrated inside cable, simply plug in for quick operation
•  Unlimited data transferring, share files without file size limitation unlike burning CD/DVD or using flash memory
•  Drag and Drop file transfer with windows pop-up for easy file operations
•  Plug and Play
•  Bi-Directional data transfer between two computers, PC or Mac
•  High speed transferringf files with speed upto 480Mbps
•  Status LED notifying current functioning status
•  6 feet / 1.8 M cable length
•  Support PC, Mac


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