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Crystalics™ Screen Cleaning Kit for Plasma & LCD
Cleaning Kit for Plasma/LCD/TV/Computer/PMP/iPod™ screens • Anti-Run, Anti-Static cleaning solution • Alochol-free, Ammonia-free • contains polymer that reduces static electricity and resists dust-attraction
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Care and protect your expensively invested Television/Monitor, including LCD, Plasma, DLP, and CRTs; and portable electronics devices'screens, such as camcorder, digital camera and iPod(TM), with this professional and effective cleaning solution by OKION - Crystalics(TM)-Screen Screen Cleaning Kit. The anti-run gel based cleanser is 100% alcohol free so it won't harm your delicate screen.

Simply apply/spray the unqiue formulated cleaning fluid on the display and together with the included micro fibre cleaning cloth to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints and more, so the display can become clear and brighter as if it is new. Not to mention it is alochol and ammonia free and contains the special unqiue polymer that effectively reduces static electricity that attracts dust.

Package Contains

•  Crystalics™ Screen Cleaning gel
•  Micro fibre cloth


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