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Standard Platformer 360 degree Rotatable Laptop Stand
Additional wide laptop standing bar included for larger size laptops • Raise up laptop for increasing cooling efficiency • 360 degree rotatable, great for laptop's screen sharing • 3 height adjusting levels for best viewing angle • Rubber padded to avoid scratching to laptop
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Enjoy a laptop stand that can do multiple functions all at once -

1. Increase the cooling efficiency by raising up the laptop so that more air can flow around the laptop underneath. Perfect for improving the system's productivity with cooler enviornment and protecting furniture or desktop away from heat damage.

2. Sharing the laptop screen - this is ideal especially when user is in the small group presentation. Thanks for the 360 degrees rotatable design of these cooling stand

3. Better screen viewing angle - With the tilt adjustment design, user can adjust the height (in three levels) so that the screen can be adjust to fit their eyes level for long hours usage

Features & Advantages

•  No power required cooling solution for laptop computers. Increase laptop’s overall performance by raising up the laptop and improving the air-flowing cooling effectively
•  Fully height adjustable laptop stand. Thanks to the design of the laptop raising legs/blocks. Blocks can be easily added and removed according to your needs. Raise up your laptop to fit your eyes viewing level
•  360 degree rotatable freedom - Turning your laptop (screen) left and right freely, share your laptop screen with friends, co-workers in meeting and video conference
•  Laptop holding pads are integrated on the laptop stand so that laptops can steadyly placed on the stand without moving
•  Catering the usage with larger size laptop (i.e. 19” screen-size laptop or bigger), an additional wide standing bar is included. Simply install it by placing the bar on top of the laptop raising legs/blocks and you are ready to place a 19” laptop or bigger safely on the stand


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