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CoolingSphere™ Laptop Cooling Ball
Back to Basic cooling solution for laptop • Almost no installation required, simply stick them under laptops • Un-attachable via Velcro tape
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Cooling the laptop with the "Back-to-Basic" air flowing prinicpal, with OKION's CoolingSphere™ Laptop Cooling Ball it effectively improves the cooling efficiency of the laptop by raising up the laptop from the desk so that more air can flow underneath the computer.

With virutally no installation required, all an user has to do is to stick these two balls (for raising up the laptop) and two rubber pads (to avoid the laptop's slipping) to the corners of the laptop's bottom. A Velcro tape is used for the cooling balls hence they can be easily taken off from the laptop whenever they are not used.

Features & Advantages

•  "Back-to-Basic" cooling solution for laptop
•  Virtually no installation required
•  Simply stick two balls and two rubber pads to the bottom of the laptop, so that they will raise up the laptop from any flat surface to create more room for the air-flowing
•  Ideal to avoid heat demage to the desktop or furniture
•  Un-attached with the included Velcro tape


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