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D-Station™-[7] High speed USB2.0 7 Ports Desktop USB Hub
Reliable Hub with 7 high speed USB2.0 Port • Power adapter included for heavy power demending USB devices such as scanner, USB drive • Desktop Stand included for steady placement • Professional Executive Design
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Under the same D-Station™ series USB2.0 hub family, D-Station-[7] is a high speed USB2.0 7 ports desktop hub that is designed for an one easy solution on connecting all your USB peripherals to your PCs. No more concern about running out available USB port for your peripherals/devices - Simply plug D-Station-[7] into the system and it instantly enables all seven ports inside the hub so that upto seven USB devices can be connected. DC power adapter is included so that the hub can connect and power up those heavy power required USB devices such as printers, scanners, etc.

Features & Advantages

•  Built with 7 independent USB2.0 high speed hub, supports transfer rate of 1.5 /12/ 480 Mbps
•  AC power adapter included for high power demending USB devices such as digial camera, printer, scanner, and etc.
•  Connect up to 127 USB devices with multiple hubs connection setup
•  Could be operate both with or without the included power adapter
•  Both self-powered and bus-powered mode automatically detected
•  Over-current detection and protection
•  1 up-stream and 7 downstream USB2.0 ports
•  LED status light included
•  Desktop stand included for steady on desk placement
•  Black professional executive design
•  Fully compliant with USB2.0 specification. Backward compatible with USB1.1
•  Support PC, Mac
QUESTION: Why AC power adapter when the hub can suppose to be functioned without it?

ANSWER: With bus-powered mode (without power adapter) the hub will supply each device 100mA of power which is usually enough for most mice, joypads, and other low-power devices. But for some higher power demending devices such as digital camera, printer, scanner, 100mA is simply not enough. Once an AC power adapter is connected it provides 500mA to each downstream port, not only allowing those USB devices to work but also letting it able to make connection to other hubs as well.

•  USB2.0 Transfer Rate: up to 480Mbits/second, backward USB1.1 Transfer Rate up to 12Mbits/s
•  Power Model: 2 ways power modes supported- BUS-powered mode WITHOUT power adapter (DC +5Volts supplied by USB port); and Self-powered mode WITH power adapter supplying 500mA to each downstream port
•  Connection: Plug-and-Play and hot-swappable connection
•  Power Supply: AC input: 110 - 240V auto-switching


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