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Console™ USB2.0 4 Ports Hub
Hub stand design • Compact mobile size • USB 2.0 • 4 Ports Hub
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Add the compact BaseHub™ USB2.0 4 Ports Hub to your desktop and it instantly enables four more high speed USB2.0 ports for your USB peripherals. This hub is of mini portable size which is perfect for both desktop as well as notebook PC. No external power source required, you simply plug it into any functional high speed USB2.0 (backward functional with older USB1.1 port) and you are ready to start using it.

Features & Advantages

•  Instantly extend the USB2.0 port to your system
•  4 USB port version, connect your USB devices/peripherals/flash-drive anytime easily
•  USB2.0 specification compliant
•  Transfer Rate: High-speed up to 480Mbps; Full-speed (12Mbps), Low-speed (1.5Mbps) mode
•  True Plug & Play
•  Compact size for mobility and travelling
•  Require NO external power source, simply plug and use
•  One upstream port and four downstream ports
•  Support PC, Mac OS 8.6+, Linux Kernal 2.4.0+

•  USB2.0 Transfer Rate: up to 480Mbits/second, backward USB1.1 Transfer Rate up to 12Mbits/s
•  Power Model: Bus powered, DC +5Volts supplied by USB port


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