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Sogion™ 2.5" Harddisk Enclosure with 1-Touch-Backup function
Stylish UV coating • 1-Touch-Backup • USB 2.0 • Firewire(optional) • 2.5" HDD • Slim/compact design • Carrying case included
Black • White
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Have all your important digital data stored in a reliable enclosure protected 2.5" harddisk and simply carry the mass digital storage with you safely and comfortably. Sogion(TM) is the perfect choice of enclosure for your 2.5" harddisk and is exactly what you need for the mobile computing. With the PowerTouch(TM) technology enabled, backing up system just made fast and handy! Simply connect the enclosure to the system, press the backup button; and see how Sogion(TM) can help saving your time for the same backup task that used to take up a lot of your time.


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