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Hevio™ Notebook Stand with 4 ports USB2.0 hub
Notebook stand • Support upto 17" notebok • Built-in four USB2.0 ports hub • Adjustable angle for best viewing eye level • Documents clip at front
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Instantly turn your laptop into the desktop style computer, enabling you to work with any full-size keyboard and desktop mouse easy with Hevio(TM) notebook stand! This notebook stand built with a 4 ports USB2.0 hub, allowing you to attach your favorite USB devices such as full-size keyboard, desktop-size mouse, memory card reader, external storage device, etc; and immediately start working with your computer with these attached USB peripherals. The notebook stand is height adjustable so that you can adjust the computer screen to your eye level, allowing your enjoyment of healthy computing. A document bar clip is located at the very front of the notebook stand (keyboard cover) so that you can attach your documents for viewing and at the same time working with your computer.

Features & Advantages

•  Ergonomic notebook stand for healthy computing enviornment
•  Height adjustable for best eyes' viewing angle (from 20-60 degree)
•  Built-in 4 ports USB2.0 hub
•  Connect your notebook computer to external keyboard, mouse, or any other USB powered devices/peripherals instantly with one single plug of USB
•  Built-in documents hlder
•  Soft pads built inside stand for inserting notebook computer securely and avoid scratching
•  Cable management at the back of stand for well-organizing cables
•  Support notebook computers with screen size 12"-17"
•  Work with PC and Mac® notebooks

Product Highlights

A. Documents Holder
B. Cable Management
C & D. Soft paddings for holding notebook securely and avoid possible scratching
E. Built-in 4 ports USB2.0 hub


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