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m/s™ series 2.5" harddisk enclosure USB2.0
Aluminium • USB 2.0 • 2.5" HDD • Slim/compact design • carrying pouch
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Professionally designed and made of aluminum, HE127U2 m/s harddisk enclosure is the highest quality and light-weight portable harddisk enclosure you can find on the market. M/S enables you to instantly add an additional harddisk storage and always ready for you to connect it with the system at the highest USB2.0 speed - up to 480mb/s, 20 times faster than any older USB1.1 interface. However, it is also backward compatible with the older system so that you can still use it with USB1.1 interface.

Features & Advantages

•  Fashionable shinny alimumum housing design
•  Compact and slim for easy travelling with your important data
•  Professional enclosure for portable 2.5" standard harddisk, easy and fast way to backup files
•  USB2.0 enabled, support data transfer speed of upto 480Mbps. No additional software and driver required (except Windows 98SE)
•  True Plug-and-Play allows easy sharing of large files between computers
•  Take advantages of the USB port which allows you to connect/disconnect without powering down your system
•  Low power consumption
•  Support Windows 98/2000, Mac OS 8.6+ with USB device driver
•  Support Windows ME, XP, and Linux Kernal 2.4.0+ without device driver

•  USB2.0 Transfer Rate: upto 480Mbits/second, backward compatible with USB1.1 transfer rate of 12Mbits/ms
•  Dimension: 127(L) x 80(W) x 16(D) (mm)
Package includes:

•  m/s™ 2.5" harddisk enclosure USB2.0
•  Carrying zipping bag
•  USB2.0 cable with USB-DC JACK extra power cable
•  Firewire1394 cable (only in firewire version)
•  Small external power adaptor (option)
•  User manual
•  Driver CD


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