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ReadMe™ Multi-in-One USB2.0 Cardreader/Writer
USB 2.0 • All-in-One Card Reading/Writing • High-capacity memory card supported • Adapter-less • Pocket size
Black • White • Blue
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One single memory card reader/writer is all that need for accessing your digital memory card with computer. Enjoy the ultra fast USB2.0 transfer rate PLUS high-capacity-high-speed support (i.e. High capacity SD card supported), great for moving around your favorite digital photos, movies, music files, important data and much more between your system and any portable devices such as digital camera, DV, MP3 player, PDA, etc.

Features & Advantages

•  All in one design supporting most common digital memory cards:

CF: Normal CF, CF Type 1, Type 2 (MD), Ultra-2, Exm2, Exm3
SD: Normal-SD, Mini SD, T-Flash, Ultra II-SD, Exm2, Exm3
MMC: Normal-MMC, MMC-II(RS), MMC-Plus, MMC-Mobile
MS: Normal-MS, MS-MG, MS-Duo, MS-Pro, MS-Pro-Duo, HS-Pro, HS-Duo, HS-Pro-Duo
SMC & *D

•  Support newer high capacity memory cards and can be read/write at high speed mode
•  Full plug-and-play USB card reader/writer with support of hot swapping
•  Four memory card slots supporting digital cards stated above, with 2 LED read/write and power status indication
•  Ability of data copying between cards without storage intermediate
•  Support Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP, Mac OS 8.6 or above, and Linux Kernal 2.4.0+ without device driver

•  Interface: USB2.0; up to 480Mbits/second, backward USB1.1 Transfer Rate up to 12Mbits/s
•  Power: DC +5Volts supplied by USB port


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