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Codex™ Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with password bank
Fingerprint security • Windows/Screen-saver Logon secruity • USB Plug-and-Play
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Access sensitive information by finger rather than remembering passwords with Codex™ Biometric Fingerprint Scanner!!!! With Codex™ you can say goodbye to your passwords and let your unique fingerprint does the job fast and accurately. It captures your fingerprint by its biometric scanner for all the presetted access control such as Microsoft® Windows® logon, screen-saver logon, logging in secure online website, opening the password bank, and much more. No more worry about unauthorized access to your system or forgetting important usernames/passwords, simply touch the fingerprint reader with a registered fingerprint and you are ready to go.

Features & Advantages

•  Fingerprint Biometric Scanning for instant security solution
•  Plug-and-Play USB interface
•  Compact size for mobile computing
•  Password bank included
•  30 fingerprint storage capacity
•  Installation free, simply have your fingerprint registered once to complete setup procedure
•  Watchdog software included for enhanced security with fingerprint such as, Microsoft® Windows® logon security, Screen-saver logon security, fingerprint replacing Website username/password access, and much more
•  Zero maintenance
•  Fast verification and response time

•  30 fingerprint storage capacity with pin number
•  Verification time : < 1.0 second
•  Registration time : < 2.0 second
•  Resolution : 450 DPI
•  Temperature : 0 deg. To 60 deg.C
•  Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid finger
•  Easy to register new/additional fingerprints
Can be used for Attendance as well as Access Control
•  Interface: USB
•  False Acceptance Rate (FAR) less than 0.0001%


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