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Caboodle™ 2.5" Harddisk Enclosure with 1-Touch-Backup function
1-Touch-Backup • USB 2.0 • Firewire(optional) • 2.5" HDD • Slim/compact design • Carrying case included
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One simple press of button and let it do the rest for all your system/data backup tasks!!!!

With Caboodle™ 2.5" Harddisk Enclosure with 1-Touch-Backup function, backing-up important data stored in your system is just too fast and easy. Designed with beautiful aluminum black casing and compact size, it is definitely the perfect mobile harddisk enclosure choice for your mobile computing requirement - storing your important work data, multi-media files, personal photo collection, and much more. In addition to all the standard features you can expect from the harddisk enclosure, it comes with a special desinged "One-Touch-Backup"™ function which let you easily backup (transfer) your system's internal file over to the external harddisk. No more troublesome selecting and moving files/directories one-by-one, simple have the backup source configured once and it will do the rest everytime when you press the same button.

Features & Advantages

•  One-Touch-Backup feature equipped, let you backup your system regularly with just one press of button
•  Choose between backing up files or whole OS (Operating System)
•  Have your system always backup so that you can recover it easily
•  Fashionable black and made by Aluminum casing for style and material used on enclosure for ultra-light weight
•  USB (Universal Serial Bus) Rev.2.0 compliant
•  Multi-platform support, perfect for PC, Mac, Linux, Sun, etc. users
•  Professional enclosure for portable 2.5" harddisk, easy & fast way to backup files
•  Alternatively turning your 2.5" IDE Harddisk into an external mass storage device
•  Easy to install, just plug into firewire or USB port, no jumper or ID setting required. True plug and play
•  High speed data transmission by IEEE-1394 or USB2.0 as fast as 480Mbps
•  Plug-and-Play, use anytime, anywhere immediately when you need it
•  Hot Swappable
•  Support Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2K/PRO/XP, Mac OSX 8.6 or above, Linux
•  Totally driverless installation (except Win 95/98/SE)


•  Drive supported: 2.5" IDE Harddisk
•  Harddisk Max. Capacity allowed: 100 GB
•  Housing Material: AL and MA alloy + high class PC
•  Operating System: Windows 98/SE/2000/ME/XP, Mac OS, Linux
•  LED indicator: LED power-on, Read/Write Status, USB2.0 enable indication included
•  Button: 2 buttons; Files one-touch-backup, OS (System) one-touch-backup
•  Shell material: Aluminum casing
•  Connection: USB2.0 and IEEE-1394 (firewire)
•  Dimension: 126 x 79 x 17 (mm) (Wxhxd)
•  Weight: 97.3 (g)
Package Includes

•  Caboodle™ 2.5" Harddisk Enclosure with 1-Touch-Backup function
•  USB cable
•  Carrying Pouch
•  USB-DC power cable
•  Screw (for harddisk installation)
•  Screw (for enclosure installation)
•  Installation CD
•  User Manual


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