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REO™ Cardreader Fast USB Hub II-In-I
Card Reader/Writer • 3-Port USB2.0 Hub • Compact size
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Having your digital memory card and you need one simple solution to transfer in and out of your computer? You also need a USB hub for hooking up all your USB devices? Why not shop for one single device that do these tasks handy? Introducing Reo(TM) Cardreader Fast USB Hub 2-in-1, a stylish device that simply does all that. It's a digital memory card reader/writer that is capable of accessing most popular memory card on the market. It's also a 3 ports fast USB2.0 hub that is nice and compact enough for you to connect three USB compatible devices by just one USB port usage via the fastest USB2.0 speed.

Features & Advantages

•  All-in-One design supporting most common digital memory cards -

Slot 1: CF-type I, CF-type II, CF-ultra II, Micro Drive
Slot 2: Memory Stick (MS), MS MagicGate, MS-Pro (Magic Gate), HS-MS-Pro(Magic Gate), HS-MS-Pro-Duo(Magic Gate)
Slot 3: SD, SD-Ultra, SDC, MMC, HS-MMC, RS-MMC, Mini SD, T-Flash
Slot 4: SM, X Card
and more..........

•  Fully plug-and-play USB card reader/writer with support of hot swapping
•  Four memory card slots supporting all digital memory cards listed above
•  USB 3 Ports Hub - fully plug-and-play USB, add extra 3 USB2.0 ports right away
•  USB Hub - One upstream port and four downstream ports
•  No external power required, powered by USB connection via cable
•  Data copying between cards without storage intermediate
•  Compact design for mobile computing
•  Low power consumption
•  Support Windows 98/2000, Mac OS 8.6+ with USB device driver
•  Support Windows ME, XP, and Linux Kernal 2.4.0+ without device driver

•  USB2.0 Transfer Rate: up to 480Mbits/second
•  USB1.1 Transfer Rate: up to 12Mbits/second
•  Power Supply: DC +5Volts supplied by USB port
•  Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 70 degree C
•  Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 70 degree C
•  Humidity: 90%RH
Package Includes

•  Reo Cardreader Fast USB Hub 2-In-1
•  USB cable
•  Driver CD-ROM


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