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Laports™ IEEE1394 Firewire Ports Hub/Extender PC card
Add two Firewire ports • Plug-and-Play • Perfect for PC/MAC notebook users
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This standard type 2 PCMCIA card comes with 2 6-pin firewire ports so it can be used to connect your laptop to most external firewire devices. Search no more for any other solution just to give you two more firewire ports, Laports is your choice to be!!!! Firewire 1394 data transfer rate up to 400 Mbps Automatic configuration; no IDs or terminators necessary.

Features & Advantages

A•  dds tow External FireWire ports.
•  IEEE1394.a and OHCI1.0 compliant.
•  Full backward compatibility to IEEEE1394-1995 device.
•  Fully compatible with Apple MacOS8.6/9.x FireWire Drivers.
•  100,200 and 400 Mbps data rate is automatically supported at each FireWire port.
•  Class 1(15W) cable power is available at FireWire port with optional power adapter(CBFW-CPA, sold separately).
32-bit Bus-mastering data transfer and 33MHz operation.
•  The Firewire CardBus host controller supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and MacOS 8.6, 9.x and OS X. It works with 3.3 Type II PCMCIA.


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