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DataGuard™ Wireless USB Security Lock
Wireless • PC Lock • Password-protecting • Power-saving supported
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So you don't want others to have access to your system when you are away. Here is the wireless security key/lock that serves the data guarding for you nice and easy!!!! It simply locks your DataGuard equiped PC into password-protected mode when you are phyiscally away (carrying with the compact security key). Password is immediately required to access/operate the PC so that no one else can use it without your password authorization. When you come back with the wireless security key it will unlock the PC automatically for you so that you can simply continue your work immediately. RF wireless of DataGuard is capable of detecting your availablity up to 2M meaning that the PC will be automatically locked up if the wireless transmitter is not within the monitoring range.

Features & Advantages

•  Easy and effective security solution available for avoiding unautherozied use of your PC
•  Activiating the PC security system simply by a plug of the USB transmitter (USB Lock)
•  Compact design for great mobility
•  Password-protected security immediately activiated when the wireless key (wireless transmitter) is in 2 meters away from the comptuer
•  Auto unlock when USB wireless transmitter (USB lock) detects the availability of the wireless key within 2 meters
•  Power-Saving design for smallest possible batteries power consumption. In fact you can use up to 3 months without replacing new batteries
•  Low batteries warning available
•  315 MHz operating frequency
Package Includes

•  Wireless USB Security Lock
•  Wireless Transmitting Key
•  USB extension cable
•  3V battery
•  Installation disk


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