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Light-up ATA cable
Light-up cable • 2 colors available • 40pins-IDE cable • Connects 2 devices
Blue • Green
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Transparent computer case is getting so popular and famous of its cool style, why just stop there? Add some cool lighting inside your case with OKION ATA light-up cable. It offers 40 pins IDE connectivity for your harddisk or disk-rom drive and offers low-power-consumable light-up LED that give you bright light alone the cable. Special material is used for data transmission's performance with error-free reliablility. This cable is ideal for coolest people like you to easily add some style to your desktop computer case.

Features & Advantages

•  Greatly reduces clutter and overheating within the CPU
•  Great for heavy computer resources consuming applications such as gaming, CAD, Multimedia.
•  Bendable and easy to install with pull tape for pulling out easily
•  Round cable for the best possible air flow.
•  Foil & Braid Shielding for Superior performance
•  Connects up to two devices.


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