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IEEE1394A Light-up Cable
Light-up cable • 4 colors available • IEEE1394A cable • Firewire cable
Red • Green • Blue • Orange
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Add some cool lighting to your boring desktop/notebook PCs with OKION IEEE1394A light-up cable. It offers Firewire connectivity (transmission rate at up to 100/200/400 Mbps) for your firewire devices and offers low-power-consumable light-up LED that give you bright connectors in both ends. Special material is used for data transmission's performance with error-free reliablility. This cable is ideal for coolest people like you to easily add some style to your desktop computing environment!

Features & Advantages

•  Almost no installation required, simply plug and lightup!!!!
•  IEEE1394A connnection speed up to 100/200/400 Mbps
•  Light-up and cool-up your desktop
•  Hot plugged for plug and play applications


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