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Reel-N-Go™ Retractable Cable (USB Extender)
USB AM-to-AF • USB Extending Cable • Retractable up to 1.2m
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Forget about the hessle of carrying rolls of cable just for your USB enabled devices. Need to transferring data between laptop and the portable-harddisk? Or recharging/hot-syncing your PDA battery? Here is a collection of compact and light-weight retractable cables designed for your easy storage while on the road or at home, YET offering great connecivity reliablility and performance. Each of the Reel-N-Go cables is designed to allow perfect storage with your laptop computers or handheld devices. Manufactured with durable housing makes it a long lasting cable for your daily usage.

Features & Advantages

•  Extending the USB connection instantly with USB Male to Female retractable cable (USB AM-AF)
•  Extending the cable distance up to 1.2m just by a simple pull
•  Durable ABS housing
•  Compact design
•  Light weight


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