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Icz™ Notebook Cooling Pad (with 4 cooling fans version)
Notebook Cooling • Low Noise • 4 fans • USB • Light weight
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Operating multiple applications, gaming, or enjoying multimedia can often generate serious temperature. Specially designed cooler with totally up to 4 fans is what it definitely required for professional hardware cooling for your notebook. All of these ultra silent fans can be easily adjusted by the fan speed selector. With absolutely no external power source required, all you need to power up the cooler is to plug the USB connector right into any USB ports available on your computer.

Features & Advantages

•  Cooling down notebook computer
•  Built with total of four cooling fans for high performance cooling
•  No external power source required
•  Obtain power by USB port on the notebook computer
•  Low power consumption to save battery life of your notebook
•  Fan level switch built-in for speed control
•  On-Off switch built-in for full control of power
•  Equipped with ultra-silent fans to decrease noise level
•  Effectively cooling down by four fans operating at the maximum of 2600RPM and generating air flow of 40CFM
•  Light weight for easy travelling
Package Includes

•  Icz™ Notebook Cooling Pad
•  USB 5VDC power cable

•  Power Requirement: 5VDC by USB or 5V,800mA power adapter (Optional)
•  No. of fan inside: 4 (FOUR)
•  Fan Dimension: 60 x 60 x 10 (mm)
•  Pad Dimension: 325 x 263 x 18 (mm)
•  Weight: 660 (g)
•  Current: 0.4A
•  Power: 2W
•  Fan speed: 1900~2600 RPM
•  Air Flow: 40 CFM (4PCS)
System Requirements

•  Any portable computer with functional USB port
•  5V,800mA power adapter (Optional)


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