Welcome to the OKION WORLDWIDE website. OKION is the global supplier of mobile computing peripheral. notebook cases and consumer electronics products. We concentrate on offering our customer solutions for the ever changing digital world and let's together gear up for the mobile generation.

With unflinching commitment to quality product, our mobile computing peripheral, cases and CE products are designed and manufactured by people who love innovation. Our Research and developoment center with a team of senior technicians engaging in product development and design of product exterior. With unlimited creativities and ideas, they create innovative and value-added mobile computing solutions for day to day life. Our extensive product line and solutions enable consumers and businesses worldwide to enjoy computing confortably without boundry limitation.
Business Worldwide

Success based squarely on superior product quality offered by our Research/Development Team and the expertise of our Sales. OKION was established in 1999 and started to offer a wide range of all different kinds of accessories/cases specially designed for enduser's desktop/notebook computing needs. The design of all these products is optimised for comfort of use as well as full-spec functionality. Now, with sales and operation in over 40 countries, OKION is well-established as one of the global leading manufacturer of mobile computing peripheral and cases. Our customer base - which includes most major PC and electronics products distributors in Europe, Middle East and North America -resembles a "Who's Who" of international industry. Not only do we make the input devices, wireless portable PC hardware peripheral and dozens of other consumer electronics products enjoyed by people around the world, but we are also a supplier of electronics components and ODMs/OEMs service to provide the best possible outsourcing products and services to our partner corporations.

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Global Vision

With offices in London, Hong Kong, and San Francisco; OKION is targeting:

"To continue as a highly respected mobile computing solution company
To become a leader in the IT hardware industry
To always be a creative and dynamic company."

Our central philosophy is to put the customer at the heart of our business. We aim to provide our customers the best quality mobile computing peripherals, cases and consumer electronics products and solutions at a reasonable price. With any product from OKION, you can be certain that you will receive full customer and technical support at all times. This philosophy permeates everything we do, from product design and development through sales, distribution, environmental preservation and cultural support activities.
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